Virtual Music

Let's make music together - from the safety of our own homes!

Many music groups have been forced to move to an online format to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, which is not conducive to a fully participatory performance - until now!

Performance from the safety of your own home

Call it want you want: virtual choir or band, cell-phone studios, Zoom performances - there have been many examples of producing musical performances from the safety of your own home, using cell phone or webcams to record your individual parts. Asynchronous telematic performance (the geeky way of saying "virtual music performance") allows musicians to perform together without being in the same room and having to meet at the same time.

Complex performances can present a challenge to organizations or groups that do not have technical production experience. That's where Sir Chuy Creative can help.

Is there a way to perform in "real-time" over the Internet, without the delay problems with programs like Zoom or Skype?

Actually, there are ways in which to perform and collaborate in an almost-real-time environment. While there will always be latency using the Internet to connect, technologies are available that can allow musicians to perform together using low-latency solutions. Contact Sir Chuy to learn more about these technologies and methods.

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How Does It Work?

The concept is straightforward: Sir Chuy will help you create all the assets required and provide step-by-step instructions on how to record performances for your musical group. If different instruments are involved, we can recommend best ways to record each part.

Once all members of your group have recorded their parts, Sir Chuy will sync and mix the audio and edit a video into a virtual ensemble.

What kind of groups can do this?

Theoretically, any! Voices, instrumental ensembles, duets... if you performed it live at any point in time then it's possible to perform virtually. All that's needed is a reference or "click" track that performers can use to play along so tempos and structure are the same.

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Sir Chuy was proud to help produce the following videos.

OK, How Much Does This Cost?

We understand money is tight and we want to make this available and as affordable as possible. Each project will present different needs so it's difficult to place a specific value, but simple projects like small choirs, duets, trios, etc., will most likely be very affordable.

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