“Music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.”

~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

If you're looking for an original production bed to bring a fresh sound to your smaller project, or an original score to a larger film, Sir Chuy Creative can provide music that elevates your vision to a new level.

Original Scores

Sir Chuy was proud to participate in the production of Don Sherry's "The Last Poster Child". The score was 100% original - from composition to recording and mastering. Sample some of the pieces from the score below or watch the documentary from Vimeo.

Selected Tracks from "The Last Poster Child"

"The Last Poster Child"

A production by Don Sherry that explores the triumphant life of Pam Henry—polio survivor, pioneering broadcast journalist, and devoted advocate for those with disabilities. Musical score by Sir Chuy Creative's Christopher Higgins.

Production Music

Need something for a commercial or short video? We can give you something tailored to your content - something no one else will have! Original production music can place your creative work in a realm of true ownership, knowing that no one else will have that sound. Contact us today if you want to add a little "spice" to your piece.

Music Typesetting

Got an awesome song or score you want professionally typeset, ready for publication? We can do that! Sir Chuy has a ton of experience in laying out scores and parts, from simple lead sheets to larger orchestral scores. Only have a recording of the work? We can transcribe it for you - it'll just a take a bit longer. Contact us today to get an estimate on costs and time for your project.

Sample work:

Just Some Stuff...

And here are a couple of other tracks just to show what else we can do.