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Original and compelling music for any project or event.


Tell your story in the way only you can.


Make your presence on the web stand out from others.

Virtual Ensembles

Within the COVID reality of our day, music groups are finding new and creative ways to continue making music. If your group is looking to produce something virtual, Sir Chuy can help! From creating a simple song to producing an entire virtual concert, we'll help you through the process and produce resources you'll need to help create your virtual production.

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"Hallelujah" Virtual Choir - Produced in coordination with several churches to provide special music for online Easter Worship services.

Music for any project

Original music can take your project from an ordinary video or podcast to something creative. Sir Chuy composes diverse styles of music for a variety of projects. From full orchestrations, simple synthesizer beds, or driving theme music, Sir Chuy will work with you to compose music that will make your creative work truly original.

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"You Give Them Something to Eat"

Video Storytelling

Tell your story in a compelling way. Sir Chuy can help bring your video project to life, from moderate-length documentaries to short-form social media spots. With experience in editing, 2D animation, title design, post-production audio, and videography, Sir Chuy can bring your video to life. Couple our video services with custom music and you'll have a unique piece that sets your creative work apart.

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Your home on the web

Every business and organization should have a website - a home to call their own on the web. Custom website design and development is one of Sir Chuy's gifts. We'll guide you through the process, from concept to launch, taking care that your story is told the way you know it should.

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